10 OMG they didn’t just do that to that character moments

Even knowing what was going to happen didn’t prepare me. They did it so well.

I’m talking about the killing off of characters.

The people you’ve developed a bond with and then BAM! They’re gone. Ripped from the screen and leaving an emotional gap in your TV viewing.

So, I’ve put together my 10 “OMG they didn’t just do that to that character” moments. The recent screening of the last episode of Game of Thrones season 3 (adapted from the George R.R. Martin books) was the trigger point for this post (yes, bad pun given the subject); it’s just taken a while to put it together as the emotions were still raw…

WARNING there could be spoilers here for you, so be prepared!

  1. Ned Stark in season 1. It started with a leg wound and broke my heart.
  2. Catelyn and Robb in Season 3 of Game of Thrones – the Starks have been pretty central to the books/show and are by far the most honourable family in Westeros.  Plus, watching Catelyn’s face as Robb died and seeing her waste Walder Frey’s wife was heartbreaking/such a powerful moment.
  3. Joyce in Season 5 of Buffy- I think Joyce was the first character in Buffy to die from natural causes and everyone thought she’d fully recovered from her brain tumour and it was completely left of field.
  4. Buffy at the end of season 5- No one expects the main hero to die and the fact she died to save her little sisters life made it that much sadder.
  5. Prue in Charmed – First Piper was killed by a crazed woman so Phoebe made a deal to reverse time so they could fight Shax again. This time Prue died for good and the power of 3 was broken.
  6. Fred in Angel – After finally hearing from Wesley that he was in love with her, she died. It was sad seeing Wesley’s pain as Fred come back to life as Illyria taking Fred’s form
  7. Noah in Home and Away – He was shot trying to stop Sarah from killing Danni after Sarah kept a dozen of the Bay’s residents captive. He appeared as a ghost to Hayley for a few episodes as she tried to deal with his death.
  8. Maude Flanders in The Simpsons – poor Ned. It was a hilarious way to die but it was definitely unexpected.
  9. Seymour in Futurama – if you watch the episode, this death is so sad and really resonates with the viewer. The dog waited for Fry after he was put in a cryogenic chamber for years hoping he would come back and he never did.
  10. Maggie Doyle in Blue Heelers- She was killed by her brother Mick as her fiancé P.J watched, too late to save her. P.J was framed for her death and didn’t clear his name for a number of episodes before the truth was finally revealed.
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So there’s my 10 – do you have an “OMG!” moment not in my 10? Let me know in the comments below!

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