10 Tips for Uni…

It may have been almost 70 years ago when Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited first gave a pompus list of dos and don’ts for surviving at university (like never wear a tweed coat and flannel trousers, which come to think of it, was actually good advice – suit up!) but though time and fashion moves us on, university still remains an amazing, life changing experience. There’s more to it than just grabbing a degree and running like hell as if you were snatching up a bag at the Cornucopia, so here’s a few things to remember as you start your uni life…


1. Stock up on stationery

Even if you’re sticking to your laptop through the semester, it’s always a good idea to have gorgeous stationery and accessories, for everything from doing exams in style to writing home to your gran. Don’t forget tech accessories like extra adapters and cables for your iPhone.

2. Get a unique ringtone

You’ve seen it before, one iPhone goes off and at least 15 people jump thinking they’re popular. Get a cool ringtone that sets you apart, but won’t embarrass you if it rings in a lecture…

3. Get a KeepCup

Landfill isn’t a joke, guys, get a quirky KeepCup for your daily coffee rush and do your part to help the environment.

4. Decorate wisely

Uni is an awesome time for getting your first house or apartment. But whether renting or sharing with friends, decorate wisely! You can view our Pinterest Interior Design board for inspiration on setting up your new abode.

5. Keep up with the latest bestsellers

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Don’t be caught out when everyone is reading the next big novel, check out our 2012 “50 Books You Can’t Put Down” for a great selection of holiday reading or a list of the current top selling fiction books. If you’re still in doubt, there’s always the great fallbacks of the thrilling Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins, spine chilling campus novel The Secret History by Donna Tartt, or the staple novels of our generation, The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

6. Get Co-op Membership and save

Your one off $20 will save you big in the long run with the Co-op’s member pricing on stock – save on bestsellers, technology and the all-important textbooks with life membership.

7. Learn the rules of Monopoly

Sometimes being a uni student is a little on the broke side and a champagne lifestyle might have to be postponed for a week… but don’t fear, grab your mates, some music and play old school board games – spend big with paper money or build a city in a day for hours of entertainment! Check out the Co-op’s range of cool games and puzzles here.

8. Cooking with Friends

Having friends round for dinner shouldn’t be a hair-tearing ordeal if you have everyone bring a plate to share and a good bottle of wine, it’s a cost effective way to have a great catch up with friends. But maybe have an idea of a menu first, just to avoid ending up with 7 desserts and no main meal. She’s Leaving Home by Monica Trapaga is a collection of recipes perfect for starting out in life, as does The Starter Kitchen from Callum Hann.

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9. Collect random knowledge

Join uni clubs and societies, they are a great source of friends and hilarity, especially if your uni is cool enough for ‘Drunk vs Sober’ debates and several rounds of the most obscure trivia possible! Being involved in uni events, games and parties are part of the uni experience that is not to be missed!

10. Travel the World

With more holiday time then you can poke a stick at, take advantage of the semester breaks and plan an amazing holiday. There are plenty of student deals and competitive prices that will get you the most out of your travel experience. Studying abroad with International Exchange is also an opportunity that should not be missed!! The Co-op has a collection of Lonely Planet Guide Books to help plan your next trip abroad.


And lastly, it might sound like a cliché, but it’s the truth – uni is the best 4 years of your life, so make sure you enjoy every second of it!


Guest Blogger: Grace, 2nd Year University of Wollongong student, Co-op Member since 2012 and Social Media Intern

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