2012 Ned Kelly Award Winners

The winners of the 2012 Ned Kelly Awards for Australian Crime Writing have been announced.

Best First Fiction

CartographerThe Cartographer

Peter Twohig

Set in Melbourne in the 1950s, a 11-year-old boy witnesses a murder when he is spying through a window of a strange house. In the following weeks he comes to map out all the significant adventures he has in the labyrinthine city, trying to make sure he doesn’t cross the path of the murderer, who he believes wishes to silence and dispose of him. Comics and superheroes inform his strategies for avoiding the bogeyman, as does the memory of his twin brother, Tom, who recently died in a tragic accident

Pig Boy

Pig Boy

J.C. Burke

On Damon Styles’s eighteenth birthday, he is expelled from school. But it’s what happens afterwards that changes everything. Now Damon must come up with a plan. It’s the only way he can think straight. First, get his firearms licence. Then, see if the Pigman will give him a job – pig hunting will teach Damon what he needs to know. And he’d better get a lock for his wardrobe so his mother won’t find what he’s hiding. Damon’s taking matters into his own hands – but so is the town of Strathven.

True Crime

Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

Eamonn Duff

The result of a three year investigation, Sins of the Father returns to the beginning of Australia’s most famous drug case, to a time when nobody had ever heard the name Schapelle Corby. Finally, the missing pieces of the jigsaw fall into place as we are led, step by step, through the important weeks, days and hours leading up to her dramatic arrest.
The SD Harvey Short Story award went to A.J. Clifford for Summer of the Seventeenth Poll.

For more about the awards head here The Ned Kelly Awards.

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