2013 John Button Prize

David Marr, journalist and author, has won the 2013 John Button Prize for Quarterly Essay 47, Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott. The John Button Prize was made in honour of late industry minister, senator and writer, John Button. The prize and cash reward of $20,000 was announced Saturday 24 August at the Melbourne Writers Festival, and presented by former federal Labor leader, Mark Latham.

Marr’s novel was chosen from a shortlist of three, including Tony Kevin’s self-published book Reluctant Rescuers: An Exploration of the Australian Border Protection System’s Safety Record in Detecting and Intercepting Asylum Seeker Boards 1998-2011 and Tim Soutphommasane’s Don’t Go Back to Where You Came From: Why Multiculturalism Works.

Judges commended Marr’s essay as  “a powerful, nuanced and beautifully written account of the man who may be prime minister after September 7”

Marr’s essay has recently been updated and expanded into a short book, Political Animal.

Last year’s prize was awarded to Andrew Charlton, for Quarterly Essay 44, Man-Made World: Choosing Between Progress and Planet.

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