Get Rich Slow

How anyone can create lifelong prosperity by starting small, starting now and slowly building sustainable wealth and feel good doing it!

Finally, a personal finance book that teaches readers the real secret behind lifelong wealth building: slow money. What is slow money? It’s all about starting small, starting now and slowly building sustainable wealth throughout your life through a combination of compound interest, careful strategic planning, and monitoring spending.

In an engaging, anecdotal narrative, financial planner, Sarah Riegelhuth, cuts through the complexities of finance and investing, and supplies simple tools, a practical step-by-step plan, case studies and examples. Ultimately, her goal is to make readers more comfortable talking about money matters and overcome resistance to mature, lifelong financial planning.

  • Move from keeping out of debt to real wealth creation.
  • Understand what drives your financial behaviour and rid yourself of counter productive beliefs about money and personal finance.
  • Packed with simple tools for assessing your financial situation, setting realistic goals and tracking your wealth-building progress.
  • Readers learn to become more self-reliant and in control of their finances and overcome financial stress, while achieving a balance between enjoying their lifestyle now and creating financial freedom for the future.
  • Unlike other personal finance books written by financial journalists, this book is written by an experienced, high-profile financial planner/adviser.

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