5 Books I Read In December

It’s my reading goal to get through 5 books a month. Each month I’ll write a short review of the books I read. This is my December list…


The Natural Way of Things

This was the book for #bookclub in January and I probably would have not read it if it weren’t for the obligation… however I am really glad I did as it’s a terrific gripping thriller. Very brutal, not really for the faint hearted – The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood is a dystopian/alternate look at a very dark chapter in Australian history. While I can’t spoil the book in any way, the writing is beautiful and descriptive.




My Own Story 

9781784870409_300_0I am going to see Suffragette so in preparation I read Emmeline Pankhurst’s biography. It is one of the most amazing books I’ve read in the last year and is an inspiring and powerful read. I think the whole world should read it. Emmeline Pankhurst was one of the leading ladies of the Votes for Women movement through England in the 1920s and this is her own words about her leadership and the massive social change inspired through militant protest of the government.





If She Did It

Always love a good thriller and Jessica Treadway’s was an easy, interesting read. A woman is lfet traumatically injured after an attack and her daughter is one of the suspects… but a mother always knows, right? If She Did It will be released on 9/2/16




Ten Thousand Skies Above You

I loved the first book in the Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Grey and the sequel was incredible! Maugarite has to jump between more dimensions to save her bofriend Paul Markov’s soul. This YA Novel is a splendid mix of sci-fi and romance.

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The Grown Up

gillianOkay it’s a 65 page-long short story but I’m still putting it here because I loved it! Gillian Flynn is an incredible writer and The Grown Up does not disappoint in it’s creepy, intricately woven thriller. She is just as scary in 65 pages as she is in Gone Girl!


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