A History of Bombing

A History of Bombing

A History of Bombing has to be one of the most imaginative history/politics books ever written. Prolific Swedish author Sven Lindqvis has set out to describe the history of bombing in a “choose your own adventure” format.

This allows the reader to proceed in the “boring “chronological order as I did or choose one of the twenty two narrative threads which include such themes as: Bombing the Savages, Tokyo, The Dream of a Super weapon, and Surgical Precision.

Lindqvist lays out a brief exposition on the discovery of gunpowder which was followed by the invention of the rocket by the Chinese around 1232. However the book really starts with the first aerial bombardment in 1911 when an Italian pilot dropped a Danish hand grenade on a Libyan oasis town. Over the next 399 sections the author vividly describes the deployment of larger and larger munitions dropped from even greater heights with increasingly devastating effects upon their intended victims.

This disturbing yet creative book has been set as a textbook for a Macquarie University Cultural Studies unit, but is well worth the read for anyone who wishes to delve into the history of war through the use of one of mankind’s most horrific and indiscriminate weapons.

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