A Line of Dogs

 A Line of Dogs from Australian author Gary Morris

A Line of Dogs

1984. The Start of Ireland’s Great Famine where the vast majority of the population are dispossessed, starving and dying in great numbers.

The young and beautiful Mary McGrath must leave her ailing grandfather to work for distant wealthy relatives in London, where she is cruelly enslaved, abused and raped. But her tormentors have not counted on Mary’s iron will and her determination to find happiness and love.

Queenie Fogarty works the pubs of London in the world’s oldest profession. Cynical and outwardly hardened by the streets, she lives alone in London, until her heart is opened but the young woman who desperately needs her help and the wild Irishman she has grown to love.

Tim McGrath  despises everything British. his seething hatred spurs him on to robbery and violence, actions justified in his eyes as his ‘fight against the oppressors’. The ‘Young Irelanders’ rebel group draws him into their cause and he becomes inexorable tangled up in the fate of their leaders.

John Hammersley cares little for causes, just stealing to survive, until he falls desperately in love with Mary McGrath. he will need every gram of his considerable strength to survive the hardships and trials that lie before him in the Australian prison system and his eventual escape into the wilderness.

These four weld the strongest of partnerships, forged in blood, despair and hardship, but their friendship and love is put to the test many times as they struggle to find their place in a world gone mad with power and greed.


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