A pain in the ass-ignment

Something no one ever told me when I first started uni was that the assignments are just as frustrating as the assignments from school. Another thing I noticed was that the uni tutors aren’t as prone to lame excuses for handing university assignments in late, such as, ‘my dog ate my homework’ or ‘I lost it down the toilet’. Even if you think you may get away with such outlandish statements, it might be best to adhere to the below list so you can avoid your tutor’s incredulous glare.

When handing in your university assignment:

Do: Make sure you’ve supplied a cover sheet with your name and student ID – we don’t want Joe Blow picking up your work and taking credit for it.

Don’t: Try and change the due date for your late submission – it looks tacky.

Do: Have all your references compiled nicely and at the back of your assignment – it helps to know whose ideas you are pinching.

Don’t: Reference Wikipedia – for all we know it could have been written by a bear.

Do: Inform your tutor if it is a late submission – they go on holidays too you know.

Don’t: Offer any bribes (of any sort) – it’s much easier just being a good student.

Do: Have your assignment typed up – there’s no fun in deciphering your ‘perfect’ handwriting.

Don’t: Try and make the assignment more colourful or funny by putting in smiley faces or ‘How I Met Your Mother’ quotes. Three words: it won’t work.

So there you have it, your guide to handing in assignments. Now, stop procrastinating and get to it (unlike our Survival Angel, below)!

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