Age Book of the Year Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2012 Age Book the Year Awards which were announced 23 August 2012. The winners are….


1835: the Founding of Melbourne and the Conquest of Australia

1835: the Founding of Melbourne and the Conquest of Australia

James Boyce

In 1835 James Boyce brings this pivotal moment to life. He traces the power plays in Hobart, Sydney and London, the key personalities of Melbourne’s early days, and the haunting questions raised by what happened when the land was opened up. He conjures up the Australian frontier – its complexity, its rawness and the way its legacy is still with us today.


The Brokenness Sonnets I-III and Other Poem

The Brokenness Sonnets I-III and Other Poems

Mal McKimmie

Mal McKimmie’s poems have been published in numerous literary journals and magazines. Five Islands Press, published McKimmie’s first volume of poetry, Poetileptic, in 2005. ABC Radio National featured poems from this collection on Poetica.



Foal's BreadFoal’s Bread

Gillian Mears

The sound of horses’ hooves turns hollow on the farms west of Wirri. If a man can still ride, if he hasn’t totally lost the use of his legs, if he hasn’t died to the part of his heart that understands such things, then he should go for a gallop. At the very least he should stand at the road by the river imagining that he’s pushing a horse up the steep hill that leads to the house on the farm once known as One Tree.


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