AIME National Hoodie Day

31st August 2012 is AIME National Hoodie Day – one of the fundraising activities for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience – AIME.

The aim of AIME is to increase the completion rates for Indigenous high school kids, and increase the rate at which Indigenous kids transition from high school to uni – they do this by pairing up high school mentees to uni student mentors in a program that builds both study and life skills.

Since 2008 the Co-op has printed the interactive textbooks used by the kids in the Year 9 & Year 10 programs, as well as getting involved with Strut the Streets and National Hoodie Day.

This year you’ll find Co-op staff around the country wearing AIME Hoodies – why not get involved, order a hoodie and walk with AIME and the Co-op on the path to a better future.

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