Ain’t no party like a Gatsby-themed party

Once in a while, a truly awesome story breaks into the collective consciousness of popular culture, dusts off its sports coat and doffs its boater. I think that’s something worth celebrating. So bring on a good Gatsby-themed party!

These festive re-creations of West Egg seem to be going down everywhere from dress-up film screenings to birthday parties, perhaps even the odd wake. When the invitation went out to attend a Gatsby-party on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, I had to go along and see what the fuss was about.Once properly suited-up, I wrapped up a bottle of bourbon in a towel, jumped in my big yellow car and sped down the road to house pumping out Jay-Z and Beyoncé.


Baby champagne glasses were passed about on arrival. I’m not sure which was better, the living room over-crowded with flowers or the boater hat vanilla cake. At intervals, our host would even run to the other side of the backyard and flicker a lamp held next to some green crepe paper.

Our attempts at recreating scenes from Lurman’s film extravaganza perhaps went too far when we took the empty champagne bottles and tried to make confetti explode from them. This ended with royal mess of coloured paper and broken glassware. The room fell silent and I offered my host another drink. He answered “No… I just remembered that today’s my birthday.”

There ain’t no party like a Gatsby-themed party because when you Gatsby-themed party, the party don’t stop until half the characters are dead and we all become disillusioned with the American Dream.

If you don’t think something as sacred as Fitzgerald’s masterpiece could ever be eaten alive by the popular culture that surrounds a modern movie epic, then you likely haven’t seen this:

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Similarly, if you’re still asking the eternal question, “Gatsby? What Gatsby?” You need to get yourself a copy of this eternal classic here.

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