There was once a man who sat at his desk and wrote the words:- “You are what you read.”

He sat back proudly, looking at those words, but then was struck with a prophetic vision.

At the moment he penned those words, a young woman named Annette was suddenly transformed into a serial killer. She was also a rock-star, given to stays in seedy motels. She was a vagabond, spurning the world of material possessions and a woman spurned by her community living in the crumbling remains of her estate.

She was a little bit wild, a little bit crass and dark. Very dark.

Sweating slightly, he crossed out the last word and replaced it with “Eat”.

Safer, perhaps, for this little firecracker of a bookseller to be known for eating sushi than by her literary pursuits.

Favourite Book: Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson

Annette is a Bookseller at The Co-op Bundoora as well as being the face behind the store Facebook page. Click here to see all of Annette’s posts.