Assholes: A Theory


Although most of us are forced to deal with such people every day, few of us could easily say exactly what an asshole is. And as prevalent as they are, no one has offered a sustained analytical treatment of the subject.

Aaron James tackles the subject of assholes in a philosophical – yet also humorous, entertaining and accessible – inquiry into what makes a person an asshole. The book also explores different asshole types, the roles gender, nurture, and nature play, and how best to deal with assholes in daily life. A pop-philosophy book with great potential to crossover into the gift book and humor genres, this will be an engaging mix of erudite discussion about an indelicate subject matter that naturally brings a comic flavor to the text.

Assholes: A Theory will be released mid December.

Congratulations to our December Book of the Month competition winner, Natalie, Co-op Member Since 2012.

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