Being a Funky Eco-Fan

Eco-everything is very, very popular right now, and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. It isn’t as easy as it seems though; while donning hipster clothes and riding your bicycle to uni might make you an indie kid, it doesn’t necessarily make you eco-friendly. So, what can you do to be environmentally responsible, and what do you already do?

Most of us already recycle, have water-saving shower heads, and those fancy, squiggly energy-saving lightbulbs. These are great, easy places to start, and they do make a difference if everyone does them! But being truly eco-conscious means much more. There are heaps of eco-friendly products out there, and as a bonus, most of them are also socially responsible, made under good working conditions and they’re almost always fair trade.

Because there are so many products, I’m going to talk about my favourite ones.

  • Eco friendly clothes: made from organic fibres and in ethical working conditions, these are clothes you can feel good about.
  • Keep Cups: I love that styrofoam cups are out, and paper cups are in, but imagine how many take-away coffee cups you use in a year… that’s maths I can’t even do! Keep Cups are stylish, re-usable, and fairly cheap (you can even get one from the Co-op). So, you can take your coffee from home, or take it to your local (or not so local) coffee shop.
  • Eco Cups: in cute colours and totally biodegradable, these cups will make your kitchen look kitsch, cool, and eco-clean. There’s also matching salad bowls and servers!
  • Make up: eco-friendly make up is hard to find; everything’s got so many chemical nasties and of course the ingredients are all listed in their ‘scientific names’, so most of us don’t even know what’s really in them. This, my friends, is how we wound up with fish scales in lipstick (I’m sorry, but EW). So what’s the solution? Well, I like the Karen Murrell lipsticks (my fav is ‘Violet Magenta Moon pictured above). I’m not usually a lipstick fan as they always feel weird and taste like chemicals, but these ones are luuuuuush!

I think the best way to be environmentally responsible is to start with the small stuff: recycle, save water, try to go paperless with your weekly readings, buy fair trade coffee, easy as. Then, if you want to be a super greenie, you can try going organic, buying only fair trade, ethical products, etc.

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