Beneath the Darkening Sky

I have just finished reading Beneath The Darkening Sky by Majok Tulba in my lunch break and now I find myself wondering how I can get through the rest of the day without randomly bursting into tears in front of co-workers.
This book is so powerful and has affected me more than anything I have read for some time.
It tells the story of a child soldier in Africa who is taken by rebels and turned into a killing machine who commits atrocities against other villagers. While logically you know that he is doing terrible things to people, you cannot help but feel so terribly, terribly sorry for him. It makes you wonder if this is just one story, then how many other child soldiers have stories that will never be told? The author, Majok Tulba, is himself a Sudanese refugee and this is a fictional story but what did he have to suffer through in his journey to Australia ?

Beneath the Darkening Sky is by no means an easy book to read. I found myself stop reading it several times because of the brutality of man and his crimes against his fellow man. However, it is a book that needs to be read, if only to make us aware that we are so extremely lucky in this country.
This is a book that should be read even though it makes you uncomfortable because the reward for reading it far outweighs our discomfort in dealing with an unpleasant subject.

– Kim

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