Beneath the Shadows

Beneath the ShadowsThe Yorkshire moors provides an extraordinary, mystic setting for Sara Foster’s novel Beneath the Shadows.  Her descriptions bring to life the beauty and spiritual nature of the moors and the isolation of the small village in which the story unfolds.

The mysterious disappearance of her husband Adam from the cottage he inherited on the death of his grandparents leaves Grace devastated. The police investigation of Adam’s disappearance fails to reveal any evidence of his fate or how their baby daughter was left in her pram at the door. After spending time with her parents in France Grace returns to the cottage with her baby daughter to search for anything that might shed light on Adam’s disappearance. Stories of ghosts, local folklore and the confronting behaviour of the villagers cast shadows on her quest for the truth.

I also enjoyed both the setting and the story or Beneath the Shadows and would recommend it to others.

Guest Blogger: Denise, Co-op Member since 1970.

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