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UNIGAMES 2014 is coming, and the C0-op is sponsoring the annual event! Get ready for one amazing week of sport, competition, partying prowess and fun in the sun (and moonlight!). While the event will see Australia’s best student athletes come together and battle it out for glory, not everyone has the desire (or ability!) to seriously compete at the games. But don’t worry! Cheering, jeering and partying is just as important. So, to honour the upcoming week of amazingness and to get all the not-so-active supporters pumped for competition, here are five fabulous games for uni students to enjoy! The only skill required: a willingness to have fun!

1. Cards Against Humanity

This outrageous party game generates laughs and dismay in equal measure. It is, quite simply, a game for despicable people with a warped and twisted sense of humour. (Yay, that’s me!)

The way it works is this: there’s a set of black cards and a set of white cards. Every round, one player reads out a question (or statement with blanked out words) from a black card. Then, everyone else provides their answer using their funniest white card. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, wait until you see what’s on the cards and then you’ll understand why this game is so shocking! You can print your own Cards Against Humanity deck here.

Here’s are just two fine examples from the game (and these, my friends, are tame!) …

Exhibit B

Exhibit A

2. Twister

An oldie but a goodie, and definitely one that can made to suit your mood and party mode. There’s classic play for those keen to show off their flexibility; the Twister drinking game; or the Squares of Dares version in which every square (well, circle actually) has a different dare or task on it. The way it works is this: write an action on each circle on the mat. Then, if a player lands on that circle, they must do what it says. So, if a player lands on a yellow square, it might mean they have to sing the whole national anthem while spinning around in circles (or whatever is written on it!) The more creative, the better! Oh, and don’t forget Detergent Twister (basically chuck a heap of detergent on the mat and let the slippery fun begin!).

Twister – $35.96 at the Co-op


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3. Guess That …

Blindfold? Check! Random array of objects? Check! People? Check! It sounds like you’re ready for a good ol’ fashion game of Guess That …

Let’s be honest – guessing games are always fun, no matter how old you are! And the best part is, you can make the game as naughty or as nice as you want. Simply blindfold guests and have them identify what they are holding, tasting or smelling (the mind boggles with the possibilities!). Alcohol tasting, perhaps? Unique (translation: weird) food tasting, maybe? You could even make them keep eating it until they guess! The possibilities are endless!


4. Beer Pong


The ultimate test of hand-eye coordination … and beer drinking. An American institution that seems almost a prerequisite during college years for the Yanks. In recent years, this game has really picked up momentum and gained popularity in Australia, allowing us to finally live out those scenes from classic college movies.

Honey Badger Beer Pong Kit , Honey Badger Beer Pong

Honey Badger Beer Pong – $11.95 at the Co-op

Traditional beer pong set up













5. Absolute Balderdash

Absolute Balderdash – $44.06 at the Co-op

Finally, a game that rewards people for being excellent liars! Not a liar? That’s ok. It rewards bullsh*t detectors as well! Outrageously funny, this is the ultimate game of bluff that has you trying to con your mates into believing your made-up meanings for words. You also have to pick the real meaning from the fakes. There are five categories in all: words, people, initials, films and laws. Can you pick which is the real meaning (all while trying to keep a straight face when yours is read out)?

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UNIGAMES 2014 is being held in Sydney from Sunday, 28 September to Friday, 3 October. Look out for the Co-op crew throughout the week – we’ll be the ones screaming about awesome prizes, freebies and more!

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