Better Than Chocolate

Better than ChocolateSamantha Sterling is attempting to save the family business, Sweet Dreams Chocolate, in a town that isn’t doing so well due to the lack of snow and visiting tourists. Blake Preston, former high school football hero, is back in town as the new bank manager, and becomes an ‘issue’ for both Sam and the business … (you know where this is going)

To save the business Sam and her sisters put their heads together come up with an idea that will help Sweet Dreams, and the rest of Icicle Falls, a Chocolate Festival… (again, you know where this is going)

Better than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts is your regular run of the mill chick-lit, a good story that wasn’t too sickly sweet to read. I do however have one complaint: an unnecessary epilogue!!!

Better Than Chocolate is the first in a new series, Life in Icicle Falls, so it seems a little stupid when things can be woven into the next in the series, even if Sam isn’t the focus (I’m hoping the next story is about Cecily and the town badboy!).

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