The Golden Lily


The Golden  Lily, book 2 in the Bloodlines series is out and a bestseller in the Young Adult category, so I’ve gone into the pre-blog archives and found what I wrote about Bloodlines, the first book in the series that was released August 2011.






Bloodlines is the first in a new series from Richelle Mead,  author of The Vampire Academy series. The characters carry over from the Academy books however you don’t have to have read them to read this.

Bloodlines delves into the world of the Alchemists and Vampires in the setting of a sun-drenched high school in Palm Springs USA.

There are, apparently, two different races of vampires, the Moroi, who are living vampires that age but still need the usual vampire blood drinking to survive, they don’t crisp up in the sun, but aren’t too crazy about it either. Then there are the Strigoi who are the vampires the Moroi fear – they are the dead ones that don’t age, and have an even bigger dislike of the sun. The vampires also have a magical ability (a bit like Edward, Alice and Jane from Twilight, but more element based). The Alchemists are identified by their gold tattoos, and are a secret group (you could call it a sect) who keep us regular humans safe from the world of vampires.

So that is who the book is about, and well the story is obviously one of those events that sees the four groups of ‘people’ together and the story of how they negotiate what happens without exposing themselves, solve a series of murders, and nicely set the series up for the next book. A good book that wasn’t the best vampire based book I’ve read, but it definitely didn’t suck!

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