I love Jennifer Saunders, I think she is one of the funniest, most brilliant women in television, so of course I snapped up a copy of her autobiography, Bonkers: My Life in Laughs. It’s awesome. She’s had a truly hilarious and heart-warming life, with plenty of witty insights and great stories about family, travel and TV, working with the amazing Dawn French on French and Saunders, and the incredible Joanna Lumley on the award winning show she wrote and starred in, Absolutely Fabulous.

I have been told that publishers these days like a particular type of memoir. They like a little bit of misery. They like a ‘mis mem’. Well, I’m afraid I have had very little ‘mis’ in my life, and nowadays I have even less ‘mem’.

I highly reccomend reading this if you’re a fan of her or her shows. Jennifer Saunders is very, very funny. It’s not a reveal-all-the-gory-details kind of book, it’s light and fluffy in a lot of aspects, but that’s okay since Saunders makes a strict point at the start that she is a private person. She has great humour and nice stories that can be read in easy to digest chapter by chapter style. I really enjoyed the novel as on the whole, Saunders has had what appears to be a happy and hilarious life, with a great chapter devoted to her fight and victory with breast cancer.

Overall, a fantastic and enjoyable read from a talented and funny TV icon.

PS. If you don’t know who Jennifer Saunders is, she’s a British comedienne, actress, writer, creator of Absolutely Fabulous and one half of French and Saunders. Here is a collection of her greatest moments from AbFab!

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