Bucks 4 Books

Want cash for your preloved textbooks? Then take advantage of our great textbook buy-back scheme – Bucks 4 Books!

Simply head to any store with your eligible textbooks (given they appear on our list of over 200 titles), and we’ll give you back up to 30% of the RRP in cash. It doesn’t even matter where you originally bought the book from, so long as the ISBN appears on the list!  This means more money in your pocket, less book clutter in your room (read: less nagging from the ’rents!), and a good conscience because you’re recycling. Wooo!

As an added bonus, if you want to receive the money back in gift vouchers instead, we’ll give you an extra 10% of what you would have received. For example, if the amount we’re refunding you is $40, we’ll give you a $44 gift voucher instead of the $40 cash. Hello, Co-op shopping spree!

The exact buy-back amount will be determined by the store manager and is based on the condition of your book, so refrain from doodling all over it or tearing out pages for paper planes.

Check out the Terms and Conditions for more info, and be sure to find out if your textbooks are on our list of approved buy-back titles.

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