Want Instant Cash? Sell Us Your Textbooks!

Got a heap of old textbooks? Yes! Want instant cash? Umm, obvs.

Well then, you’re just the person the Co-op is looking for! Head into any Co-op store, along with your pre-loved textbooks (or perhaps they’re not so loved if they were the textbooks you needed for that super hard subject!), and discover the true awesomesness that is the Bucks 4 Books program.

As long as your textbook is on the Textbook Buyback list, we’ll take it off your hands and give you up to 30% of the RRP in cash on the spot (oh, if you’re into the whole cashless living thing, we can totes put it on your card). We’re buying back thousands of textbooks – head to the Book Character with dollar signTextbook Buyback page and download the full textbook buyback list.

The exact buy-back amount will be determined by the store manager and is based on the condition of your book, so refrain from doodling all over it, tearing out pages for paper planes or impromptu origami sessions.

It doesn’t matter where you originally bought the book from …

That’s right! We don’t care if you bought the textbook at the Co-op, another store, or even if you found it in the back of your best mate’s car*. So long as the book’s ISBN appears on the list, you’re in the money!

Come one, come all! We’re buying from everyone!

Whether you’re a student, a lecturer, a staff member or someone else altogether, the Co-op will buy back your textbooks! So, bring them in to the store and we’ll happily take them off your hands. By selling your old books you’ll not only declutter your room of all your textbooks-turn-doorstops but you’ll also top up your bank balance and gain extra good karma points by being green and recycling. This really is a win-win sitch!

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Check out the Terms and Conditions for more info, and don’t forget to download the full list of approved buy-back titles. #bucks4books

*The Co-op advises you ask any best mate before removing textbooks
from aforementioned back seat



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