Mo Money Mo Problems

You go to the movies with your friends to watch Twilight. Your friends buy all that tacky Twilight paraphernalia just for the one movie to prove how loyal they are, but you do not. Why? To save up your precious money of course. Next thing you hear is “you are such a cheapo”. To that, I  reply “I am not a cheapo, but economic”.

Being a student has its challenges, especially in the category of finances. Budgeting money will be your friend through out your life, and isn’t so much hard, it just requires a lot of (or a little) discipline. From personal experience I am very good at saving and budgeting, and you can be too. Recently I bought a $2 piggy bank and have started saving up for my Great Barrier Reef Trip in July – it can be as simple as that. I also have two ATM cards, one is for my savings and the other one is for spending. I never carry my savings card with me outside my house and when the time is right, I use it for my set goal.

You can try the oldschool piggy bank trick or two ATM cards, but it is all up to you. Whatever the case, personal budgeting needs planning and discipline; keeping a record of your spendings and payment is a great way to plan.


This may sound stupid but you can save big from small things like not buying junk food every day, reducing your daily caffeine intake and recycling. It might not look big in regards to saving but the results can be breathtaking in the long-run.

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Your banks may have plans on how you can save more, so drop in for some info. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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