The Buried Giant

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro is set in a time when mythical creatures like ogres and dragons walked the earth. This book by the internationally renowned author tells the tale of an old couple, living in a life they have long forgotten.

The Buried GiantA strange mist envelopes the country of Britain, making people forget memories from a year, a month, a day, or even an hour ago. The old couple can barely remember anything, but they remember their love for each other, and their love for their long-lost son.

The couple embark on a sometimes whimsical journey, that takes them through the Britain of olden times, first to find their forgotten son, and then to uncover the cause of the mist that makes everyone forget.

The Buried Giant starts off slowly, but is so sweet, whimsical and enchanting, that over time you fall into the pages. The story is described as being about lost memories, revenge and war. But most importantly it is about love that cannot be lost or forgotten.

By the end of the book, the story gets more curious and intriguing, and you want to keep turning the pages to find out if it really is a ‘happily-ever-after’ ending.

The Buried Giant is definitely a book you want to try for yourself – don’t get disenchanted by the slow beginning, because by the end of it, you will want to go back and read this beautiful book again.

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Reviewed by Guest Blogger Michelle, a Co-op Member since 2010.


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