Carrie White. The awkward girl. The dork. The one with the crazy mother, the butt of every joke.  Every school has a Carrie, and for the person in that role, adolescence holds few happy memories. Perhaps it’s the universality of Carrie’s story that has made the book and film so popular. Fitting in is hard enough for any teenager, but for Carrie White the bullying at school is compounded by physical and religious abuse at home. There’s no escape for Carrie, except for one thing- a power in her mind that can make things move. A power that is growing…

Carrie Carrie was Stephen King’s first published novel and catapulted him onto the bestseller lists. A film swiftly followed, which made a star out of Sissy Spacek, and a remake is upon us later in the year. If you’ve never read the novel, (there will be a 2013 movie tie-in version available in September) it’s definitely worth it- a nasty little story told in language sharp and sleek. And if you’ve missed out on the 70s film seek it out for the performances, the Hitchcockian blend of humour and horror, for all the “jump out of your seat” moments, and for the least likely and most sympathetic  movie villain you’ll ever see.  Personally I can’t wait to see the remake!


For a peak at the remake here is the trailer:

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