Cat & Fiddle

9781921844720_290x290A humorous, lyrical read written with flair, Cat & Fiddle weaves and connects the different stories and lives of two families into one. Described as Brick Lane meets Pride and Prejudice, author Lesley Jørgensen has crafted a unique, outstanding voice for each of the colourful, contrasting characters. The voices are so fluid, so strong, that by the end of the book I could probably guess who was being narrated even if their name wasn’t mentioned.

Cat & Fiddle tells the story of the Choudhurys – a traditional, middle-class Bangladeshi family dealing with the cultural trials and tribulations dished up to them by a modern-day Great Britain. The three adult children are under family pressure to be married off to good, honest Bangladeshi partners, though the chances of that ever happening appear slim to nil (particularly to fussy and royal family-obsessed mother Mrs Begum).

Running parallel to the Choudhurys yet entwined in many ways, the Bourne family next door have their own upper-class problems to deal with. What does a lady of leisure do when she succumbs to the fact that she has it all? The mansion. The lodge. The Chanel. The pearls. The soirees. Thea Bourne’s realisation leads her to crisis, while her husband Henry bumbles along trying to keep the peace.

A vivid clash of culture and generation, Cat & Fiddle is a real treat for the mind and soul. The movement within the families and their interwoven connections is honest and revealing, and will delight with charm and hidden surprises. Captivating and earthy, this book demands page turn after page turn.

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