Catching Up With Bleach

It’s an exciting time if you’re a Bleach fan. Starting in August, multiple volumes of Bleach were  released in English in an effort to catch up as close as possible with the Japanese release. That means two new volumes for August, and another three in September and again in October until we’re caught up. That’s a lot of Bleach!

For those of you out there that haven’t heard of Bleach, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m talking about a cleaning product. In fact, Bleach is one of the biggest manga titles out there at the moment, both here and in Japan. It’s spawned an anime series, video games and a wide range of merchandise.

Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a young high schooler with the ability to see ghosts and spirits. These spirits include the evil Hollows, who prey on humans. In an encounter with one of these he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper who fights against Hollows. After inadvertently absorbing all of Rukia’s powers, Ichigo himself becomes a Soul Reaper. Now it’s fallen to Ichigo to protect the world from Hollows, and help these spirits find peace.

If you don’t read Bleach, but are interested in starting, there are three, ‘3-in-1’ volumes available to get you going. These combined volumes cover the first nine books of Bleach and are available now!


Bleach 3-in-1’s
Bleach 3-in-1 Vol 1 Bleach 3-in1 Vol 2 Bleach 3-in-1 Vol 3
Bleach Vol 38 Bleach Vol 39
Bleach Vol 40 Bleach Vol 41 Bleach Vol 42

Click here to view the complete range of Bleach titles.

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