Chasing the Valley

Chasing the ValleyChasing the Valley is another great young adult debut from an Australian author released this year.

Written by Skye Melki-Wegner an Arts/Law student from Melbourne, Chasing the Valley is a blend of Rangers Apprentice, The Hunger Games, and John Marsden’s Tomorrow series (which is one of my all time favourite reads).

Skye was studying Human Rights law at the time of writing and you can see some of the challenges refugees face, including the reasons why someone would choose to risk it all to flee a land of oppression coming through – which may sound a bit full on but it isn’t. The primary focus of the story is the development of main character Danika – from introverted loner to leader, and like all good YA there’s a character who provides a bit of comic relief and a smidgen of romance.

As a book for young adults this one is aimed for the 11+ market, and if you’re a teacher there is a great online resource which includes discussion topics, questions and worksheets (click here for the teachers resources as a pdf)

Chasing the Valley is out in July and is the first book in a Trilogy, and even as an adult I’m looking forward to book two…


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