Cheap eats in Perth

Perth is known for being an expensive city and it is often hard to find cheap places to eat. As a uni student, I am often in a battle between my love of food and paying for this food. However, I have found some great places that can be classed as “Perth cheap eats”, so that you can literally have your cake and eat it too.

My two favourite cheap places to eat in Perth:

  1. ‘The Local Shack’: This place is an absolute gem, consisting of burgers, salads, chips and great cocktails at such low prices. What more could you possibly want?! A chilled vibe with amazing staff located in the heart of the city, it is perfect for a Friday night out with your friends. It’s my favourite bar in Perth! 418 Murray St, Perth
  2. ‘Yelo’: Not just an amazing ocean view, but healthy yummy food too. Yelo is a great lunch spot for things like a chicken wrap with banana chutney, veggie slice or tuna patties. However lunch doesn’t stop there; finish with the best sweets ever like lemon slice, carrot cake or hazelnut brownie. Prices are great for the quality of the food, you can taste the love invested into every mouthful. 331 West Coast Drive, Trigg

Perth cheap eats close to ECU Joondalup:

  1. ‘Kulcha’: Every Asian dish you could possibly want at super cheap prices. It is really casual and is perfect for a quick stop off between classes. 2/49 Boas Ave, Joondalup
  2. ‘Hogs Breath Cafe”: Wicked American themed grill house with $9.90 lunch specials from Monday-Friday. Huge plate servings, yummy food and for a super cheap price; definitely worth a visit. McLarty Ave, Joondalup
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Perth cheap eats close to ECU Mt Lawley:

  1. ‘Hobart Deli’: This is an amazing café that my friend and I stumbled across when we were going for a walk between classes. All the food is super fresh and so tasty! We normally share a combination of the delicious salads and a gourmet sausage roll. So enjoy a 20-minute stroll to this foodie gem. 45 Hobart Street, North Perth
  2. ‘Leederville’: So this is a suburb that has plenty of awesome cheap eats all located close together. My favourites on the main café strip on Oxford Street include: 50ml (quick cheap eats), Little Caesars (best pizzas in Perth) and Greens N Co (oh my, the cake!!).


Let us know in the comments below where your fave cheap eats in Perth are!

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