Cheers to your health!

Getting sick is bound to happen; it’s a natural part of life. Being at uni and getting sick can sometimes be a blessing in disguise as any excuse for a day off always seems like a good idea at the time. However, we need to remember to be prepared for those days we might need medical advice or assistance. We are lucky to live in a country that provides Medicare, but like many other students I go to uni with, I had very little knowledge about what it was and how it works. I thought ‘Now that I’m an adult and totally responsible I should find out how this works’. And this is what I found…

  • Basically, Medicare covers treatment with any doctors, specialist, optometrists and dentists for free or a subsidised amount
  • By being registered with Medicare you also get free treatment and accommodation in a public hospital
  • You can bulk bill your doctor, meaning they’ll keep a record of your visits and send the bill to Medicare, all you need to show is your Medicare card!

This is basically free healthcare, people – what a great country this is! Another thing we should be grateful for is the opportunity to purchase healthcare insurance. Medicare, as great as it is, only covers the basics and if we want to be extra confident with our lives we can purchase private health insurance.

The important thing when it comes to health insurance cover is to make sure it has what you consider important. There are a number of healthcare providers with tailored packages to suit the individual with a range of different premiums. Most will have the following structure of health care: Top, Medium, Basic. Make sure you do your research and find cover that is both affordable and comprehensive for your needs.

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