Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

When I first saw the title Chocolate Cake for Breakfast, with the picture of a cat on the front, I immediately thought that this book had been printed just for me!

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast is a light, Sunday afternoon read. You can see a lot of author Danielle Hawkins’ influence in the main character, Helen McNeil: both author and character work as large animal vets and have a passion for rural animals, farming, and small towns.

The book is based around Helen and her busy life in the town of Broadview as a small-town vet for large farm animals (such as never-ending calving cow). Without giving too much away, the story follows Helen and a handsome stranger named Mark, who has his face (and body) plastered on the walls of every second lunch room in the country.

It is a sweet book to read. I love animals so I really enjoyed reading about the veterinary side of things, no matter how gory it got, however my sporting knowledge is minimal at best. I was a little sad to never get a vivid description of what Helen looked like, even though we read a lot about what Mark looks like. Anyone who picks up this book should have a passion for animals, or at least some knowledge of sport, as they are two very dominant themes in the book. It’s a good way to spend a few lazy afternoons at home on the lounge.

This is Danielle Hawkins’ second novel, with her first book, Dinner at Rose’s, released in May 2012.




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