Travel Tips – Choosing Your Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation when travelling is vital. Because, let’s face it, with just one click of the “book it” button you could be setting yourself up for a holiday in a bedbug-infested shack that causes nightmares for years (and sometimes scars – trust me, I’ve got them!)

Here are some helpful hints to help you choose the right accommodation when you’re going on a trip:

1. Research, research, research

Sites such as TripAdvisor allow you to get some honest thoughts on the accommodation. Yeah, sometimes they’re cray (you know the ones – “I wanted my eggs poached and I got fried instead! FRIED! What do they think this is?! Needless to say, we packed our bags and left immediately.” But you just gotta use your judgement and common sense. If the same negative comments about dirty bathrooms and unfriendly staff are coming up over and again, there’s more than likely some truth to it.

2. Figure out what you want and go from there

What do you want from your holiday? Is it total relaxation. Non-stop partying? Adventure? Luxury? Do you want to make new friends? Immerse yourself in the local culture? Whatever it is, it’s good to have somewhat of an idea when choosing accommodation. That way you can select places that will are more in line with what you’re hoping to get out of the trip.

3. Don’t limit yourself and know your options 

Many people, when they think of holiday accommodation, immediately think of just the traditional options, such as hotels, resorts and hostels. This can often lead to people on a budget settling for a less than ideal place. But there really is so much more out there these days – Airbnb, Couchsurfing,private rentals, guesthouses, homestays and more. Explore your options. You just don’t know what you’ll find!


4. Speak to people

Going somewhere your friends or family have been before? Ask them where they stayed. More importantly, find out if they’d recommend it! If you’re backpacking around, ask fellow travellers you meet along the way. The best way to discover the hidden gems of a city is through word of mouth.

5. Google that sh*t

Once you’ve got your shortlist, Google your potential lodging and see what comes up. The results may make your decision that much easier!

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