Christmas Games

1. Christmas Song Charades

Everyone knows how fun charades can be, particularly when you have a few eggnogs under the belt! Give it a festive spin and act out all your favourite Christmas carols. Hilarity is guaranteed!

2. Blind Christmas

This fun and creative game is great for all ages, whether younger kids or friends enjoying some turkey and a tipple!

The Rules:
Each person is given a piece of paper. They then must attempt to rip it into the shape of a Christmas tree … all while holding it behind their back. No looking is allowed, even once they’ve finished making the tree, because there’s still the decorations to do! Each person receives stickers to pretty up their tree with, all of which must be done with their eyes closed. When everyone’s finished, looking is allowed and the judging begins! The person whose tree is voted best is the winner!


3. The Home Alone Drinking Game

Who doesn’t love watching Home Alone, the story of little Kevin McAllister (played by Macauley Culkin before he lost his innocence) and his adventures  while home by himself at Christmas. And this adults-only game is perfect to play on Christmas night!

What you’ll need:
Your favourite alcoholic beverage and the Home Alone DVD.

The Rules:

It’s quite simple. All you need to do is take a drink every time:

  • Any character insults or threatens Kevin
  • Any character speaks or attempts to speak French
  • Any character says pizza, Paris, or polka
  • Any character gets hurt
  • Kevin screams, talks to himself, or insults someone

4. Two Christmas Truths and a Lie

The perfect game for the larger Christmas gathering, this game separates the amateurs and the pros in the fibbing department!

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The Rules:
Each person must stand up before the group, introduce themselves and then proceed to state two Christmas-themed truths and one lie. Example topics include:

  • Worst Christmas present you ever received
  • Things that happened at a work (or any) Christmas party
  • Worst Christmas present you ever given

When all three statements have been made, the rest of the players must try and guess which statement is the lie.


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