Christmas party ideas

Christmas is the time to celebrate with the important people. But if you’re stuck for party ideas, we’ve compiled a handy list of events to suit everyone.

Ironic Christmas Sweater Party: Everyone wears Christmas jumpers to the party, ironically. Because Christmas jumpers are ironic. Are you feeling the Hipsterness? Good.

Beach Party: It is hot in Australia, so take your party to the beach – BBQ, cricket, swimming. Alternatively throw a garden party as the sun goes down and the day cools off – dance under the stars!

Christmas Cookie swap: Each guest brings a plate of cookies (nicely iced and decorated) to swap and share with everyone. If you can’t bake, buy store or patisserie cookies and keep ‘em guessing.

Themed: Masked ball, black and gold, zombie santa, Disney. Costume parties are always fun and it’s an added bonus if you can pull out the glitzy formal dress or tux that doesn’t get worn the rest of the year.

Ornament Exchange: Over the years, one can amass a collection of ornaments for the tree. If you’re in need of sprucing up your theme, then host an ornament exchange party, where you and mates can re-gift ornaments and enjoy drinks and nibblies.

Tree trimming: If you’re setting up your new home for the first time then host a Christmassy houewarming party. Set up your tree, have each guest bring an ornament (you can make a game of trying to get the funniest story behind the ornament selection) and decorate your new tree and celebrate your first Christmas in a new home! Alternatively If you already have a tonne of ornaments, then invite everyone over to help you decorate the tree and celebrate with cocktails and food.

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Film Festival: Invite people round to celebrate the season, through films.  Try these on for size…

–          It’s a Wonderful Life – Frank Capra, 1948

–          Love, Actually – Richard Curtis, 2003

–          Elf – John Favreau, 2003

–          National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Jeremiah Chechik, 1989

–          The Holiday – Nancy Meyers, 2006

The Corporate Event: If you’re in charge of planning the office celebration and don’t know what to do, then the classic cocktail evening is a safe option, either in the office or at a restaurant or bar, or going somewhere with an amazing view. Check what’s available near you!

Other essentials: For a great party don’t forget these essentials

–          Toast marshmallows. Just, yum!

–          Christmas Carols – A playlist of classics, from Nat King Cole to Neil Diamond to Michael Buble (and fine, even Mariah Carey) will set the Christmas mood. You could also sing karaoke style for laughs!

–          Drinks! This is a good time to break out the bottle of peppermint schnapps you’ve never had a use for. But remember, Christmas requires Champagne to celebrate!!

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