Clubbing of a different kind

Clubs are awesome, but I’m not talking about The Ivy or Scary Canary. I’m talking about the Chocolate Society, or the Mr. Darcy Appreciation Society (yep, they exist!), or any other uni society or club. In every university, there exists a complex underground network of sneaky but not-so-secret societies, whose members attend meetings and events, and gain knowledge and experiences outsiders cannot possibly imagine.

But you’re busy, so why join? After all, clubs can be time consuming and what real benefits do they have? For starters, they’re the best way to meet people on campus, people you have common interests with! Last I checked, the only other sure-fire way to do that is through online dating… And um, just no. Secondly, if you’re planning on going into politics, law, medicine, environmental or NGO work, the respective societies are great opportunities to network! Thirdly, they’re fun; uni isn’t supposed to be all about studying, so take advantage of the fun parts too!

Every uni has a few societies who are very prominent, who throw epic parties and seem to do very little else. Of the Sydney uni clubs, this would have to be SUBSKI. Although they’re asking society, their primary duty is to throw truly fabulous start and end of semester bashes. These are always themed, and always insane, as a rule.

Now, I don’t actually go to the following unis, but these are the most interesting clubs I’ve found on their websites:
Adelaide Uni: The Games Club – boasting poker, beer pong (available from the Co-op), and board games, aka the ultimate triple threat of fun. Now… Can they make a board game that encompasses beer pong and poker???

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Melbourne Uni: The Harry Potter Club and the Star Trek Club tied for first place, so Melbourne kids, please check them both out and let me know!

What clubs are you a member of, and which one’s your fave?

Check out some of my fave Sydney Uni clubs below…

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