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My name is Iori [ee-yor-ee]. Well, according to Facebook anyway. Facebook also says:

I can’t decide where I am ‘from’, but I like that I have two places to call home. My childhood dream was to become famous (although you could say I kinda did…more below), and although that hasn’t completely changed, I would love to achieve that by having a positive influence on the world (as opposed to just becoming a ‘celebrity’). I’m not a girly-girl but I try, and I recently discovered I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to studying.

To elaborate on the above…I can’t decide where I am ‘from’ because I have been living in two different countries all my life! I am half Japanese, and have been travelling between here and there all my life with my whole family (all 10 of them!)

This brings me to my second point, fame. Yes, I always dreamt of becoming a superstar (like most young kids), and that came semi-true when a Japanese TV show picked us up for a big family documentary! We became reasonably well known, which was quite an experience, but now that some of the older siblings have escaped to the Sunny Coast for uni, the fame is sort of wearing off.

However, the ‘fame’ is hanging by a string called social media! I have a blog where I write about my Aussie life to my Japanese fans. This is why I jumped at the chance to become a Co-op Campus Ambassador, because being social, using Facebook and writing blogs is what I do! Currently I am studying International Business, and wish to convert the fame one day into something I’ve earned from using my degree.

So this is me, your new Co-op Campus Ambassador for The University of the Sunshine Coast. You can read my blog posts here – I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Gerald McCormack says:

    Really interesting! Thank you Iori for sharing. So many students at USC and I suppose everywhere, have life stories to tell and yous is really cool. If you continue the blogs and updates I am sure they will be well received. Good luck with your studies and your life in Australia and Japan, and best wishes to your family, they sound great.

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