The Stats:130300-Mervin

Name: Mervin
Age: 21
Hometown: Sydney
School: UTS: University of Technology, Sydney
Major: Marine Biology

I am a realist, if not an optimist. I will change the sails and not sit there and hope for the north winds to come. I normally do not follow trends of others, in fact I would stick to my old, rugged Converse and Volleys when the whole world is wearing Vans.

I am an outgoing geek and that is why I chose to study Marine, this world already has enough doctors! My time is wasted a lot on music and composition.

I am all about weirdness and quirkiness. People remember me for my random, weird statements that I make. And that is never changing no matter what others think. Cause this world will never get another “Mervin”.

My favourite things:

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