130300 SebastianHello and welcome – I’ll be one of your hosts for the duration as your Co-op Campus Ambassador (CCA). Please bear with me as I try and describe myself in a paragraph or less, and the story behind getting the Best Job on Campus.

I come from a family who are diverse both culturally and in personalities. I love eating cookie dough and muffin tops, but baked beans on toast is my favourite food. From time to time you’ll find me krumping in my study or attempting to juggle kiwi fruit in the kitchen. I’m sometimes guilty of singing different lyrics over a song and smiling at inappropriate times. Otherwise, I love meeting new people and getting involved in as much as I can. Oh and for the record, I’m a media student.

It was as if there was some divine intervention the day I came across ‘The Best Job on Campus’ flyer. I applied using my crafty showmanship skills and got the job! Now I’m here as your trusted CCA to get you through the hard times of study at uni, and maybe even get you home after a big night out! So get reading my posts!