Co-op Fitbit Challenge

From the 2nd-13th September, 12 Co-op team members from our Sydney support office will take part in a battle to the death… the Co-op Fitbit Challenge!

Their mission… should they choose to accept it (which they did) is to pound out the most steps over the two-week period, with the winner set to receive a ‘mystery prize’. The daily aim is 10,000 steps, so if the contestants want to be in it to win it, they should be aiming to beat that every day.


The famous Fitbit

In case you were wondering, the Fitbit is a nifty little guy who tracks steps, distance, and calories burned by day. By night, however, he monitors sleep quality and wakes his master silently in the morning. “He” is a trendy little strap that fits onto the wrist, and all this is recorded through an iPhone app which can be shared and compared with other Fitbitters!

As self-assigned commentator during the course of this challenge, I will be blogging the contestants’ progress and keeping you up-to-date on the highs, lows, laughter, tears and sabotages that will inevitably take place. Think The Hunger Games, minus the blood and all that.

So without further ado, let the games begin! And… may the odds (and steps) be ever in their favour!


Contestant Profiles 


Name: Trent

About:  Known as a bit of a tech head with a very active video game hobby. Also enjoys indulging in sweet foods meaning this challenge can only have a positive effect on me.

Fitness goalsTo increase both my cardio and strength limits while losing weight to achieve a healthy BMI.

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Biggest threat in the competition: Dion and Rebecca.


130000Rebecca290x290Name: Rebecca

About: A member of the marketing team, I have been at the Co-op for 15 months and love walking my pug and eating healthily.

Fitness goals: I want to lose 5kg for summer, and spend more time being active and living a healthy lifestyle.

Biggest threat in the competition: Jamie – he is always out and about visiting stores, and always on the move.


130000Jamie290x290Name: Jamie

About: I have worked at the Co-op for 6 months as Regional Manager. I enjoy riding horses, movies and music and need to get to the gym more.

Fitness goals: I want to lose 8kg, get fit, tone up a bit and get to the gym at least 4 times a week.

Biggest threat in the competition: Rebecca – she has said she wants to beat me and I am very competitive.


130000Milly290x290Name: Kamilah (Milly)

About: Tall, lazy, eats lots of bad food!! I had Malteasers for dinner last night… :S I joined the gym 3 weeks ago so am looking forward to guilt-tripping myself into exercising.

Fitness goalsAchieve a better, permanent exercise routine. To become aware of how little fitness I do each day at my desk job, and try to change that.

Biggest threat in the competition: EVERYONE!


130000Melita290x290Name: Melita

About: I’ve been with the Co-op since Jan 2013, working with the admin team and assisting the marketing guys also. I love long walks on the beach and have recently become an avid green smoothie addict.

Fitness goalsMy aim is to become more active after a massive winter slump, and live a healthier life. I also have a long-term goal of losing 7kg by summer.

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Biggest threat in the competition: Trent. I heard in the kitchen he has joined a running group for the challenge… eeeeek.


130000Megan290x290Name: Megan

About: I’ve been with the Co-op since June 2012. I exercise fairly regularly but could do more – I like wine and chocolate so must exercise more!

Fitness goals100,000 steps per week.

Biggest threat in the competition: Rebecca.



Name: Nikita

Fitness goals:
 Ahh… To reduce at least 10kg off me!About: A software engineer who loves life – every day is a new experiment. Love people around me, hate to be alone. I am one who can bust my butt and achieve what I want! Philosophy of life – ‘live and let live’. Oh, BTW, I love MJ 🙂

Biggest threat in the competition: Rebecca, Dion and Trent.


130000Dion1290x290Name: Dion

About: Known by some as a keen walker between cafes and wine bars in Surry Hills, Dion’s preparation for the Co-op Fitbit Challenge began just over two years ago when he sold his car to start his rigorous training regimen.

Fitness goals: Be awarded the “Co-op Fitbit Champion 2013”.

Biggest threat in the competition: Nemesis Nikita.


JamesName: James

About: Want to get into shape and have fun doing it.

Fitness goalsLose 5kg, run 4 km without stopping and get Hugh Jackman’s body!

Biggest threat in the competition: Ben.


130000Ben290x290Name: Ben

About Me: Nearing 40 and have started a new diet/fitness routine – loving it! Sitting at a desk for the better part of the working day = it’s easy to be lazy!

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Fitness goals: To make sure every day I achieve/exceed the set goals – 10,000+ steps, 2300+ calories, 30+ minutes being very active.

Biggest threat in the competition: Jamie! The back injury I recently had, not letting it stop me getting/staying fit.



Name: Ravin

About Me: I’m a veteran at the Co-op (11 years) and am also studying a Masters in Accounting and Finance. Health wise, not good – very high cholesterol. This comes from Thai food – used to eat like four times a week, at least, now only once.

Fitness goalsBurn lots of calories daily and eat healthily. No weight loss, but improve my cholesterol level and liver.

Biggest threat in the competition: My biggest competition is to reach 3650 km in a year, and to win the prize!!


130000Jen290x290Name: Jen

About: I’m lucky enough to live walking distance to work, so I get a morning and afternoon walk, as for other exercise I don’t mind a bike ride (even if stationary) and I sail on a tall ship which is infrequent but a full-on day of exercise when it happens.

 Fitness goals: To do more. I’m very skilled at procrastination and faffing, so my goal is to be more motivated to get me past the shiny distractions…

Biggest threat in the competition: We’re all competitive (even if in different ways) so I’m not sure if I can single anyone out – plus I do have to work with them every day so I’m going to go with the element of surprise! (Hopefully)




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