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Ummm, so we have some pretty exciting news. More exciting than winning beer pong during O-Week. More exciting than Kimye’s wedding. It’s even more exciting than finishing an assignment a week before it’s due (yeah, this is big)!

We at the Co-op are thrilled to announce the launch of Comobile, our very first and very awesome prepaid mobile plans!

*sound the trumpets*

Comobile prepaid plans have been designed to suit the needs and wants of students. This means you’ll score all the stuff you want from a phone and data plan and none of the drama you don’t! Forget lock-in contracts, crazy-high prices and bills that make you weep. Comobile’s prepaid plans let you live life one day at a time and maximise your moula the way you want. Ah-mazing!

Don’t be shy! Become mates with Comobile on Facebook and Twitter now and find out all the deets you need to know.

Oh, and don’t worry, just because these prepaid plans are as cheap as a tray of soggy chips doesn’t mean they’re stingy on inclusions. You get heaps of call value, plenty of data and a list of exclusive benefits, including 24/7 unlimited calls Comobile to Comobile. So, the more mates using Comobile the better.

Plus, Comobile’s powered by the trusted champs at iVNO. They provide a massive coverage footprint of 98% of the Australian population using part of Telstra’s 3G mobile network. So, say see-ya later to dodgy call quality, zero reception on campus or that dreaded “failed” message when trying to upload that awesome selfie. Because talking, texting and surfing the web should be easy – and with Comobile it is!

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 The prepaid plans

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Just choose the one that best suits you!




BTW, just so you know, all profits from Comobile go back to students in the form of discounts in our stores, scholarships and sponsorships (just like the Co-op). It’s just our way to share the love – which makes our Comobile very different from any other phone company indeed.

SIM Packs are now available in-store or online. But now. If you do purchase your prepaid plan before 31 August, 2014 you’ll score yourself an extra 1GB of data!







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