Crazy Good Interviewing

Crazy Good InterviewingInterviews are more daunting than a first date – let’s face it if you have a dud date you always try again*.

Interviews you don’t have that luxury – have a dud interview and there goes your chance at that job. What if that job is THE job – the one you’ve been wanting with that company you’ve always wanted to work for?

Author John B. Molidor wrote Crazy Good Interviewing following years of work conducting workshops and teaching interviewing techniques. It covers what could be considered standard interviewing tips (body language etc) while also exploring the ‘out of the box’ things that can make an interview a success – how to be memorable for the right reasons.

Crazy Good Interviewing is also an interactive work book; with self-assessments and quizzes, plus examples from pop culture and current affairs to help illustrate points. Specific to about to graduates and about to graduates are the chapters written with advice on how to bridge the gap between Gen X and Gen Y interviewers and interviewees.

Crazy Good Interviewing was listed in the on the The Wall Street Journal FINS ‘Morning Coffee’ article Best Career Books for 2012, and it could be what you need to get the best career in 2012.



*In theory you can re-do the date, really depends how dud a date it really was – otherwise there’s plenty more fish in the sea …

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