Dark Horse

Dark HorseIt’s Christmas Day and Sarah shuns the expected family gathering, opting to pack a quick picnic lunch and ride her horse Tansy into the mountains behind her rural Victoria property.  Riding usually sets Sarah free but as she rides a change in the weather forces her to take refuge into in Hungman’s Hut on Devil Mountain. Finding relief from the elements Sarah soon finds she isn’t alone, and her companion Heath doesn’t seem to be telling her the whole story of how he came to be on the mountain with no gear or food….

Dark Horse for me was a dark horse of a read.

When I started reading it I nearly put it down, I’m not a horse person and I didn’t feel any connection to the setting or to Sarah, but I kept reading and I’m glad I did.

Once at the hut you have this feeling that something bad is lurking around the corner, you feel the fear, isolation and hopelessness of the situation, and when the thing that’s been threatening happens (it’s a thriller something has to happen) it wasn’t what I expected and made the story more exciting.

My Twitter review sums up how I feel about it:

So as far as crime thrillers set in Australia go this is Dark Horse is one that I’d recommend people read.

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