Dead Ever After

The HBO series True Blood is still going strong (Season Six starts June 17 on Showcase) but alas the written adventures of Sookie Stackhouse by author Charlaine Harris have come to an end with the release of the thirteenth book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series, Dead Ever After.

For me the release of this book was incredibly bittersweet. I have found Sookie’s adventures to be captivating reads that always left me thirsting (pardon the vampire pun) for more and as with any beloved series it is sad to see it end. Dead Ever After picks up right after the events of Deadlocked whereby Sookie is dealing with the fallout of using the Cluviel Dor to save Sam’s life. Things are not going as Sookie expects. Sam is suddenly acting really strange – even for a man who was brought back from the dead. The situation with Eric is still not fully resolved and she simply doesn’t know what to do.

In true Bon Temps style there is soon the discovery of a body and once again Sookie finds herself in the firing line of forces that are out to threaten her life. Old friends return to help but with so many past enemies and an uncertain future, could this really be the end of the line for our beloved telepath or will she break free at last from the supernatural world that threatens to consume her?

In many respects Dead Ever After brings us some closure on some very important threads of the story while leaving others open for the reader’s imagination (or possibly some spin-off stories). Personally, I found the overall ending a little lacking in some ways and naturally would have liked more but on the whole it is a fitting ending for the character and the world that Harris has created.

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