Dear Diary…

Things that are simple yet effective are often the best, and a study diary is no exception. When I was in high school my diary was filled with famous quotes and lines from songs with little hearts and stars dotted around the week. When I started university, I got serious. My diary was filled with assignment dates, weekly readings, reminders to print this and turn up for that – and it still is. And I have to say my study diary has been one of the best student investments I’ve ever made (next to post-it notes and my laptop).

Just the other day I whipped my bright red diary out in class (the one pictured) to jot something down, when one of my friends said, “I should probably get one of those.” I’ll be honest; I was surprised there was a student in the world surviving without one.

So I’m curious: do you have a study diary, or a notebook to keep all your plans in? Is it pretty, or classic black, patterned or hard-cover? Maybe you’ve gone a bit techno and keep it all in your phone or computer. Leave us a comment and let us know how you keep on top of it all.


Kyra Bandte is at UOW studying creative writing and english literatures (all things writing, all the time). She’s always buying books faster than she can read them, but she’ll get to them all one day. Likes include coffee, board games, overcast skies, the colour green and throwing nouns together. Dislikes include cliches.  

Kyra is also completing a Copywriting and Public Relations Internship at the Co-op as part of her course. 

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