Decorate your digs on a student budget

Mesmerised by the interior of a beautifully decorated room? Ever wondered how you could achieve such creativity and simplicity it in your own home?

When you’re living on a student budget, it’s a great time to be more resourceful and inventive, and think about some cheap home decorating ideas! Plan simply, exert your creative impulse, shop smart and there you have it – a stylish and lovely pad to come home to.

With a magnitude of value-packed deals on homewares, furniture and decorations, plus bargains to be found in sales, online and just across the road, who says styling or updating your home interior has to be expensive?!

Here are some great cheap decorating ideas to get you started:

– Explore garage sales: You don’t know what you will find. Peoples’ pre-loved used items and furniture may become treasures to keep for a lifetime.
– Gumtree: You may be lucky to encounter vintage goods, ornaments, clocks, plates or silverware at a bargain price, or better yet, for free.
– Street collections: Furniture and painting galore!
– Online speciality stores: Speciality frames, paintings, and mats could come at awesome prices.
– Make your own: Pick up a canvas and start painting, collaging, or drawing today!
– Head to your local Co-op: We have everything from pepper shakers and Game of Thrones posters to environmental bowls and funky wall decals. You could also check out our range of home decoration books to inspire you.

Why not also try some of these simple tips to get your digs looking their best:

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– Organisation: This is integral in presenting your creative designs!
– Proportion and scale: Always consider the size and space of the room you are designing.
– Rhythm: Create some rhythm by selecting a colour or pattern and repeating it throughout your space to create texture, flow and harmony.

With these cheap room decorating ideas and tricks, you’ll have a stylish home in no time! 🙂

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