Don’t Say That!

Think about your average day. Done it? Ok, now think about how often you swear in a day. Do you drop one every so often, have a bit of “potty mouth” or swear like a sailor?

American Psycho

Now times that swear-per-day number you came up with by $76.50 and that’s how much you’d pay in fines if you didn’t mind your ps & qs in Russia.

President Putin has stamped a law, set to come into force 1 July, that will see individuals found using foul language fined 2500 rubles, with businesses hit with bigger fines of 50,000 (approx AU $1531.21). It isn’t known if this ban will include social media but it is known that it will include TV, films and books. New movies with swearing will apparently be refused distribution rights, and, according to the Kremlin, DVDs, CDs and books will have to be sold wrapped in plastic with a warning “Contains obscene language”.

Censorship in Australia

Here in Australia we have a history of banning books for their content and in Queensland American Psycho has to be sold wrapped in plastic and can only be sold to those over 18. But if we were to wrap all the books we sell with swearing in plastic, all I can see is a massive environmental impact of plastic wastage.

What do you think about this move? Should the community at large be protected from profanities via plastic, or do you think we live in an age where people should self-censor for the situation and just deal with language as it comes?

Send through your thoughts.

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