Don’t Use My Toothbrush… and other tales from the sharehouse

If you’ve moved out of your parents’ house, but aren’t one of the small percentage of uni students living in a college, you’re probably sharing a house with other people. Or maybe you’re about to try. Although sharehousing has its challenges, if you carefully consider some of these tips you can make your house into a mega-awesome party zone where everyone has a great time and gets on with one another.

Tip 1: Choose yo’ housemates carefully, son!
For those of you already living in a sharehouse, this isn’t particularly useful right now. But for those about to embark on the independent-living quest, put some time into deciding who you live with. Sometimes, moving in with your absolute best mates isn’t the best move; you wouldn’t want such a good relationship going sour because ol’ Johnno leaves his undies on the door handle. Make sure you make your home with practical, clean people who will be prepared to put in their fair share of chores, and respect personal space (don’t use someone else’s toothbrush – grotty, man!).

Tip 2: Balance dat load!
The best way to make all of your housemates hate each other is for one or two people to stop paying bills or doing the washing up, and the other one or two having to pick up the slack. Either take it in turns to deal with regular duties (taking out the bins, etc.), or consider writing up a roster. Feel free to play to housemates’ strengths; if someone is an amazing chef and willing to make dinner most nights, and someone is an incredible maid and willing to do the lion’s share of the cleaning – perfect!

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Tip 3: Work out yo’ fundz!
When you’re house-sharing, money will probably be a fairly constant consideration. Make sure everyone gets their rent in promptly, and that it’s always paid by the due date; the same goes for utility and Internet bills. Also, make sure you know exactly what the deal is with consumables like groceries, and household items. Buying your own stuff is often the simplest strategy, but that’s not really practical for stuff like toilet paper and cleaning products – so consider starting up a change jar that can be used to buy those communal items. Above all, just make sure that money isn’t a cause for conflict; making sure every housemate has the same expectations will keep things ticking over smoothly.

By following some of these guidelines, hopefully you’ll have a great time house-sharing. What’s that? You’re inviting me to your wicked-sick loft for a house party? I’m there!

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