Drink driving – beware

As a young driver you probably hear this quite often – don’t drink and drive. But it is a very important message and something to strictly adhere to if you’re out on the roads. Driving has an element of high risk at the best of times, but adding alcohol or drugs into the mix is a recipe for disaster – one that can result in losing your license, severe dollar penalties in paying for damage, and in the worst case, death.

Across Australia it is a serious offense to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drink driving penalties are serious, including loss of license or even a loss of a visa, meaning you may be denied entry in countries like America.  Whatever state you’re in, it is well worth checking up on your local laws surrounding driving under the influence.

To avoid drink driving, the measures to take are simple. Don’t consume alcohol before driving. It is suggested that guys drink 2 standard drinks in the first hour and then 1 every hour after that; and ladies only have 1 standard drink per hour. But after all, you know your limits and what you feel comfortable drinking. The drinks you consume go towards you overall Blood Alcohol Level, which is the measure of how much alcohol is in our blood per 100mls. For full license holders this is 0.05, for Learners and P1 and P2, the BAC is 0.

Please keep you and your passengers’ safety in mind and if possible, ensure there is a designated driver to get you home safely.

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