Drug awareness

Drug abuse is a federal offence in Australia and not only can drugs do internal damage to your organs, brain and mental health, they can also have a deep impact on friends and family, land you in jail or prevent you from travelling to certain countries.

Drug Aware advises “There is no safe level of illicit drug use. The user can never tell exactly what an illegal drug contains, or what effect it will have, and this puts people at serious risk. If you suspect bad effects from drugs every second counts, react fast and call an ambulance. Police will not normally attend unless ambulance officers are threatened or there is a death.” As there is limited regulation on drug sales, you cannot tell what is in the batch or what effect it will have on you. Side effects include anything from anxiety and convulsions to massive hallucinations and internal organs shutting down, resulting in death or serious disability.

To keep yourself safe and informed on drug information,  here is a list of good websites that provide information and support for all drug-related issues. They have great info for youth and parents, as well as councillors and support lines.

Australian Federal Police

National Drugs Campaign

Drug Aware

Life Education Australia

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